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Software performance requirements are like happiness: everyone needs it, but it differs for everyone ;)

As we discussed in the previous post of this series we need to define what performance is exactly before starting any performance activity, i.e. formulate performance requirements.



Important things to remember before starting any large performance activity

There is a lot of articles, presentations about Software Performance Engineering Methodology. Just google it using, say, “Software Performance Engineering” and have fun.

So I won’t repeat all the things the search engines can find for us ;). Let me just outline several points, which are the most important from my point of view.


Common questions about Software Performance Engineering (Introduction to a new post series)

If you read my previous posts you had a chance to note that each of them was devoted to a specific technical question or story. Moreover, each of these posts contains enough technical details to help you resolve a similar issue. And what is important to say I consciously avoided general and unspecific talking without examples. Hopefully, this saved your time as you can apply my solutions without repeating my steps to find them :).

However, just a technical advice doesn’t guarantee your task resolution.


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